With Frank Ntilikina sitting, Knicks talk of what players will be ‘moving forward with us’


Who will be on the New York Knicks next year? Some have suggested that Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant might be headed to the Big Apple. But the Knicks need to figure out which of their young players they are going to continue to develop, and which they will jettison moving forward.

Those around the NBA know that’s the normal ebb and flow of an NBA team, but you don’t typically hear it spoken out loud by members of the organization itself. On Wednesday, Knicks coach David Fizdale made explicit reference to the idea of the team looking much different next season.

Specifically, Fizdale noted some reticence around the development of second-year man Frank Ntilikina, who hasn’t played in a game in the month of December.

Via NY Post:

“I got a front office that supports me in that,” Fizdale said regarding his tough lineup decisions in reference to Ntilikina. “We have to know who’s moving forward out of this group. And it won’t be every single player on this roster, unfortunately. That’s the nature of the business. We have to come out of this year knowing who those guys it’s going to be moving forward with us.”

Those are some pretty strong words, and they could either be heard as motivation-via-media for Ntilikina or an outright vote of no confidence.

Nobody thought the Knicks were going to be good this season without Kristaps Porzingis, but next year and the year after will set the stage for what’s to come at Madison Square Garden in the next decade. For the time being, weather Ntilikina is there is in serious doubt.