Joel Embiid almost quit NBA after rookie season

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It’s no secret that Philadelphia 76ers big man Joel Embiid has gone through some trials and tribulations on the floor. The first two years of his NBA career were marred by injury issues, and his place as the face of The Process was tenuous, at least to start.

Now it appears that Embiid is here to stay, and as a sort of throwback to a different era of big man. Well, sort of. Embiid shoots four 3-pointers a game, and there’s nothing traditional about that.

Meanwhile, Embiid said that he nearly quit the NBA after his first year in the league. Faced with injuries as well as some personal issues — Embiid’s brother Arthur was killed by a reckless driver in Africa — it was almost too much for him.

Via Twitter:

What would the NBA be like today without Embiid? And what would it mean if he had decided to quit?

No doubt both Embiid and the fans in Philly are happy he decided to stay.