Report: LeBron James wants Carmelo Anthony on the Los Angeles Lakers


The Los Angeles Lakers have worked their way into the middle of the standings in the Western Conference and LeBron James is obviously a big reason for that. The team of misfits has plowed through the best conference in American sports, and have been a surprise in LeBron’s first year.

So why not add to the team?

Carmelo Anthony is one superstar that has been rumored to be a target of the Lakers’ front office ever since his falling out with the Houston Rockets. Anthony has played his last game in a Rockets uniform, and rumors of his pending transfer to LA were shot down from all sides.

Now those rumors are back on the burner.

According to a recent report from The Athletic, Carmelo is back in the mix for the Lakers, and it’s thanks to LeBron.

Via The Athletic:

He can’t be traded until at least Dec. 15, and sources said there had been no request made by James to Lakers president Magic Johnson or general manager Rob Pelinka to make a deal for his friend. Nor would there be.

But James and his camp still believe Anthony can play, that there could be a place for him as a contributor on a Lakers’ team that is young and continues to battle injuries. Brandon Ingram is the latest casualty. His sprained left ankle will keep him for at least the next two games.

And, broadly speaking, James does not want to see Anthony’s career end either with the Houston divorce or the 10-time All-Star playing out the string in this season in a market where he doesn’t want to be.

What do you think? Anthony has showed enough signs of aging that it’s not clear what his immediate benefit to a young team would be in Los Angeles. But he and LeBron are longtime friends, and members of the famed “Banana Boat” crew.

Despite what folks have said, it’s always felt like Anthony would end up on the Lakers. Now we’ll have to wait and see if that comes true.