Are Knicks ramping up for John Wall trade?


What’s happening with the Washington Wizards? We might not have a resolution to that question until their entire roster is collectively playing in a new city.

One of the Wizards’ stars, John Wall, would be of interest to several NBA teams if his supermax contract wasn’t rumored to be immovable.

Enter the New York Knicks.

According to the New York Post, the Knicks could be ramping up to make a play for the overpaid Wall.

Via New York Post:

Some in the league believe the Knicks are stocking up their young assets and will make a major play for Wall if he becomes available. The Wizards (9-14) were said to be ready to break it up after their disastrous start. It would have to be a three-team deal with the Knicks throwing in Ntilikina, Dotson, Courtney Lee (for cap purposes), a 2020 first-round and second-round pick.

Would Wall be a good choice for New York? He’ll make a whopping $46.8 million by 2022-23, which could seriously hamper a Knicks team that has Kristaps Porzingis and several intriguing young players.

I’m not sure if Wall is the answer for New York. I’m not sure the Wizards will be able to move him. But if a team was going to make a play for the star point guard, the Knicks feel like an organization that might be able to talk themselves into swallowing that giant deal.