Report: Devin Booker stubbed his toe so bad it had to be drained of blood


Stubbing your toe is one of the most ridiculously-outsized painful things you can do. Any time it occurs you feel weak, conquerable by the tiniest of appendages. And if you’ve ever stubbed your toe as bad as Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker did this week, I feel bad for you.

I certainly I feel bad for Booker.

According to one report, Booker stubbed his toe on his bed in his hotel room earlier in the week. The “stubbing” (what I’m calling it until we find a better alternative) was so bad that his toe had to be drained of blood.


Via Twitter:

Booker was able to go in practice on Saturday, so he should be available for Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Still, that’s a gruesome toe injury, if I’ve ever heard of one. Hopefully it heals soon and we never have to see a photo of it here on the internet.