Report: 76ers teammates concerned about Markelle Fultz’s overall health


From best we can judge from the outside, it has always seemed as though there is some kind of mental block happening with Philadelphia 76ers guard Markelle Fultz. The former No. 1 overall pick is now seeing specialist for his shoulder and wrist to determine if he has any kind of physical limitations.

But now some are vocalizing their concern that there might be some kind of mental element to Fultz’s struggles as well.

In recent report from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Sixers players were sourced as saying they were worried about Fultz’s continuing overall health. Presumably, that’s a reference to his internal struggle with his situation over the past two years.


Fultz’s teammates are increasingly concerned about his overall well-being beyond his struggles on the court, league sources told ESPN. The organization has expressed its support as Fultz, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft, completes his consultations in the coming days.

The saga with the young guard has gone on for some time, and has taken twists and turns, including Fultz reportedly wanting a trade away from Philadelphia. His agent denied that claim, but it doesn’t feel outlandish. Team are reportedly interested in Fultz, although with certain stipulations.

Whether that’s the best choice for him at this time is hard to levy in earnest, and even if he does not remain with the Sixers no doubt everyone involved wants to see him work through whatever it is Fultz needs to conquer.