Luka Doncic blocks LeBron James at the rim. Twice.

Getty Images

Luka Doncic is bigger than people think, he’s 6’7″ and that size helps him make plays on the defensive end. Not that he’s a great defender (he’s not, Dallas works to hide him), but his size helps him make some plays other teams don’t see coming.

LeBron James didn’t see this coming.

LeBron had the last laugh, he had 28 points and the Lakers got the win.

Doncic is in the early frontrunner for Rookie of the Year because of his 18.5 points a game and being the best player and leading playmaker on a team (surprisingly) pushing for a playoff spot. His defense isn’t going to win him the award, but he can always pull out this highlight to remind voters he can make a play now and again.