J.J. Barea ejected from Dallas bench Friday; Mark Cuban pissed

Getty Images

Referee Scott Foster has a reputation around the league for being a hothead with a quick trigger when it comes to technical fouls.

Exhibit A: Watch him throw Dallas’ J.J. Barea out from the bench on Friday night during the Lakers’ win at Staples Center. Also, note how mad Mark Cuban was after the play.

That was Barea’s second technical of the night. What happened? From Tim MacMahon of ESPN.

“[On the first technical foul, Foster] said I was talking too much, but I never said a bad word the whole night,” Barea said. “The second one, I just said from the bench, ‘This is a disaster.’ That’s it. But [Foster] has a problem with me. He was at half court! I average maybe three techs a year. I think every time it’s him.”

Cuban was still pissed.

Don’t be shocked if the NBA quietly rescinds that second technical and ejection (saving Barea some money in fines). It was just Foster being Foster and the NBA gives players a break with him in these situations at times.