Report: Dwight Howard might need surgery on gluteus muscle


Veteran big man Dwight Howard joined the Washington Wizards as a free agent this season. The move was largely panned, and things haven’t worked out that well in D.C. in any case. Howard has played in just nine games this season for the Wizards after dealing with a gluteal muscle issue.

Now, it appears that Howard could need surgery and might miss significant time this season.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Howard received information from a nerve specialist saying that he could need a surgical procedure to give him relief from his nerve pain.

Via Twitter:

People have been making jokes on social media about Howard’s injury, but nerve pain is no laughing matter. If Howard has been unable to play and needs surgery in an area that’s very near to his spine, that’s serious business.

Howard appears to be looking for a second opinion, and hasn’t made any decision yet. No doubt he would like to stay on the floor, but soft tissue and nerve injuries are hard to predict one day to the next.