Is Carmelo Anthony’s career over? Some NBA executives reportedly think so

Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony is currently on sabbatical, or whatever you want to call it, but he is not with the Houston Rockets. After that relationship blew up quickly, Anthony had been away from Houston as his agent looks for a landing spot for him around the league. The fact this is still dragging out speaks to the lack of interest around the NBA.

Sources I spoke to were of the mindset that once some team suffered injuries and needed some scoring punch ‘Melo would get a call and find a new home. But not everyone around the league thinks that, as reported by Brian Windhorst reports, some think ‘Melo’s career is done.

The questions are these.

Will Anthony accept a limited bench role on a team to win? Clearly the answer is no or he would still be on the Rockets.

Are contending teams interested in him? No. Again, see the note above. He hurts their defense too much and he’s not accepting a role that fits his current skill set.

Will Anthony go to a rebuilding team willing to give him the rock a lot more but wins will be hard to come by? Who knows. Also, how many of those teams are really willing to take the ball out of the hands of players they are hoping to develop so Anthony can get his touches.

It could be a while before ‘Melo finds a new home.