By scoring 144 points in last three games, Kevin Durant joins select company

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Kevin Durant scored 44 points against the Kings on Saturday. “I just tried to shoot the ball as much as I could, and they went in,” he said.

Durant scored 49 points against the Magic on Monday. “I put on the gas. I’m trying to get the money. I’m trying to score. Especially when we’re down that many points and we can’t generate offense that fast, I’m trying to get to it,” he said.

Durant scored 51 points against the Raptors on Thursday. “There’s going to be some games where I’ve got to go get buckets. And tonight, we were down early. We were down big. And I just tried to be aggressive to get a bucket,” he said.

Though the creation of a seemingly invincible super team was the primary cause, Durant also received backlash for signing with the Warriors because fans felt they were losing a superstar they enjoyed watching. Durant would blend into Golden State’s system and no longer display his singular talent.

This is the Durant they wanted – confident, leading, aggressive.

And making history.

With Stephen Curry (the Warriors’ best offensive player) and Draymond Green (a dynamite playmaker) sidelined, Durant has scored 144 points in his last three games. That’s the highest-scoring three-game stretch by an active player and the most points over three games since Kobe Bryant in 2007.

Since Chamberlain, players had scored so much in a three-game span just 12 times – Bryant six times, Allen Iverson once, Michael Jordan thrice, Moses Malone once and Pete Maravich once. Chamberlain did it a whopping 101 times, peaking at 226 points – 65, 61, 100 – over three games in 1962! (Elgin Baylor did it six times and Rick Barry did it once in Chamberlain’s era.)

Here’s a complete history of players scoring so many points in a three-game stretch:


Durant has increased his scoring in five consecutive games – 26 to 27 to 32 to 44 to 49 to 51 points. But Curry will play in Golden State’s next game, and Green should return soon. This won’t continue.

But it was sure fun while it lasted.