Warriors’ Andre Iguodala: I’ll probably retire within three seasons

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Andre Iguodala has staved off decline far longer than I expected.

It helps he plays for the Warriors – a team with an identity that fits him so well (in part, because he helped create it) and a team so good that he can somewhat coast until the playoffs.

But even Iguodala, 34, knows retirement is inevitable.

Iguodala, via Monte Poole of NBC Sports Bay Area:

“I’m going to be done soon,” he told NBC Sports Bay Area this week. “I could probably play a legit five more years, but I’ll probably max out at three more after this year – maybe three more.

“But if I’m not here, that will weigh heavily on what I will do. I possibly have another year here – if we win. That’s it. I know that. I’m fine with it.”

Iguodala is guaranteed $17,185,185 in the final year of his contract next season. But if the Warriors re-sign Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, their payroll could get absurdly deep into the luxury tax. It’s possible they’d view Iguodala as a luxury they couldn’t afford and unload him.

Still, Iguodala is a helpful cog on a championship contender. His complementary playmaking and defensive versatility helped unlock the small-ball lineups that made Golden State so dangerous. Losing even a somewhat-declined version of Iguodala would be a blow a high-stakes time – when the title window is still open.

The Warriors probably aren’t ready for their window to close after next season, either. But a long-term plan must include an eventual future without Iguodala. Whether that happens a year from now or three years from now, it’s coming.