Shaq says Giannis Antetokounmpo can have his ‘Superman’ nickname (VIDEO)


Shaquille O’Neal gave himself many nicknames. The Big Diesel. The Big Aristotle. The Big Cloverleaf. Most of them were fleeting, but the one that stuck was his favorite: Superman.

Despite attempts by Dwight Howard to commandeer the nickname back in the late 2000, O’Neal has remained the number one Superman in NBA lore. But now Shaq says that Milwaukee Bucks wing Giannis Antetokounmpo is so good that he is ready to hand over the torch on the Kryptonian moniker.

Speaking on the Stephen A. Smith radio show this week, Shaq said Antetokounmpo had earned it for how he dominates the paint.


“You know what, I’ve never given my name up before, but I’m giving it to him. He’s the new Superman. You heard it here first.”

Antetokounmpo is a leading MVP candidate and the Bucks currently have the second best record in the Eastern Conference.

What do you think? Should Giannis take over the Superman nickname from Shaq?