Nine-year-old girl’s letter gets Stephen Curry to make sure his shoes available for girls


It’s the power of the Stephen Curry brand. He signed a shoe deal with Under Armour, a brand with no NBA presence to speak of at the time, and he now has a signature shoe line that is outselling basically everyone but LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving — Curry’s are outselling Hardens, Westbrooks, Wades, Lillards, Roses and more.

But when a hoops-playing 9-year-old girl decided she wanted the Curry 5s for her upcoming season and went to the girls’ section of the Under Armour website… nothing. So, she wrote Curry a letter.

Well played, Riley.

Curry — he of the two daughters at home — was on it and got that changed quickly.

Women’s basketball (and girl’s basketball, by extension) is a growing sport, there are a lot of young girls across the nation (and the world) playing — and that means buying shoes and gear. It’s just bad business not to be marketing the best shoes to them.

This was an oversight by Under Armour, and it speaks to how too often sports and sports apparel are marketed. The smart companies are getting out in front of the trend of women’s sports. That said, Curry handled this beautifully, and the company quickly fixed the problem. As they should.

And for one young girl, it paid to be bold and write straight to the source.