Cavaliers trade Kyle Korver to Jazz for Alec Burks, second-rounders

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

The Cavaliers are trading Kyle Korver to one of his former teams.

Just not the one most rumored.

Instead of the 76ers, the Jazz – with whom he played a decade ago – are landing Korver.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

This seems like a pretty fair trade. The 37-year-old Korver had no more on-court use to the lousy Cavs, but he can help the win-now Jazz – especially given Utah’s woeful 3-point shooting.

Korver won’t instantaneously fix the Jazz’s stalled offense, but Donovan Mitchell will appreciate increased floor spacing. Though Korver gives up something on defense, Utah center Rudy Gobert can cover for some of Korver’s mistakes.

Cleveland’s return for Korver is modest, but probably about right considering Korver’s advance age and signs of decline. The Cavaliers should have traded him – as they reportedly promised to do – before the season, when his stock was higher. Losing hurts the value of everyone involved.

The second-rounders are the main part of this package.

The Cavs also continue to take guards the Jazz are giving up on – first Rodney Hood and now Alec Burks. Though injuries have factored, Burks hasn’t been good in a few years. Burks, 27, has a higher chance of contributing to a good Cleveland team than Korver did, but the odds aren’t high. Earning $11,536,515 on the final year of his contract, Burks will become an unrestricted free agent next summer.

Korver is earning $7.56 million this season, and $3.44 million of his $7.5 million salary next season is guaranteed. So, Utah could even keep Korver beyond this season if all goes well. But for the Jazz, this is primarily about digging out of a 9-12 hole and working their way back up the Western Conference standings this season.