Brett Brown denies 76ers looking to trade Markelle Fultz

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The report Markelle Fultz wants the 76ers to trade him? His agent denied it.

The report the 76ers no longer consider Fultz in their long-term plans? Philadelphia coach Brett Brown denied it.

Brown on 97.5 The Fanatic:

“They’re inaccurate. And all of that stuff, we learned five days ago, somebody had written or spoken about he wanted to maybe look at other options, as well. I think it’s just part of the world we live in. It’s not shocking or surprising to me personally that these things come up. I get it. And I think that Elton Brand, in the role that he has – I’m thrilled to have Elton as my general manager – that’s certainly all in his wheelhouse more than mine.”

File this under: What else is he supposed to say? Fultz is still on the 76ers’ roster. Brown doesn’t want to increase animosity and lower Philadelphia’s leverage by declaring Fultz finished with the team.

This is also a pretty weak denial, as Brown mostly refers the question to Brand.

Brown said the 76ers would likely provide an update on Fultz’s outside testing by Friday. At that point, it might be more difficult to claim Fultz is part of Philadelphia’s future.