Markelle Fultz’s shoulder exam reportedly will run through Wednesday. And then… who knows?

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There is nothing new really here, just consider this an update on a soap opera running longer than Days of Our Lives (like sands through the hourglass, so are all the words I write about Markelle Fultz).

Fultz is in New York to see a specialist about his shoulder and now that is going to run into the middle of the week, at which point decisions will be made, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Examinations of Philadelphia 76ers guard Markelle Fultz’s right shoulder will extend through Wednesday in New York and no decision on his next steps is expected until later in the week, league sources told ESPN.

Fultz’s agent and attorney, Raymond Brothers, informed the Sixers that Fultz would seek further opinions on his shoulder before a return to the court — a decision that the organization has left to Fultz and his representatives.

At this point that is probably just fine with the Sixers. Take all the time he needs (and I have a hunch the specialist will find something because if he doesn’t that looks bad for Fultz). While I am are writing about Fultz, and Philly sports talk shows are discussing him (after they are done bashing the Eagles first half play), his absence is not impacting the team. They are 5-2 without him, Jimmy Butler is hitting big shots, and while the defense is a concern (bottom five in the league since the trade) the team as a whole is finding its footing.

Eventually, Fultz is going to get traded. The problem is there is no good market right now, league sources told me they doubt anyone will offer a first rounder for the former No. 1 pick at this point. Because he is not disruptive to the team (unlike Jimmy Butler in Minnesota) there is no rush for GM Elton Brand, Fultz can be moved at the deadline (as part of a package deal) or in July. It doesn’t matter. But he will get moved at some point. It’s best for everyone.