Could Markieff Morris be the Wizard most likely to be traded?

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The Washington Wizards are a disaster. Let me explain… No, there is too much. Let me sum up: They are 7-12 to start the season, their effort most nights is uninspired at best, their three max players — John Wall, Bradley Beal, Otto Porter — have no on-court chemistry and don’t really like each other, the team blew up at practice with everyone yelling at each other, and adding Dwight Howard to that mix this summer turned out not to solve the problem. Who could possibly have seen that coming?

Finally, GM Ernie Grunfeld — who last offseason got a contract extension, don’t forget — has decided he needs to break up the core and is listening to trades. Except… Beal is the guy they want to keep so the asking price is so high it’s driving teams away, Porter is drawing limited interest but nothing serious, and Wall (and his new contract that kicks in next year) is almost impossible to move.

Maybe Markieff Morris is the guy to go? Not that he’s the problem, but there may be interest, Sean Deveney reports at The Sporting News.

Asked which Wizard might be the easiest to trade, the executive said that Markieff Morris, in the final year of his contract, would be a welcome addition to a contender seeking a versatile big man who brings toughness. But the Wizards would seek a first-round pick for Morris, and the executive doubted that teams would be willing to cough up a first-round pick for a few months of Morris.

No way they get a first.

Then again, no way the Wizards will get anything near what they want for any of these players, so we’ll see if they sober up and realize what is going on, or just hold on to everyone and hope for the best.