Dwyane Wade calls Jimmy Butler trade standoff ‘not good from a media standpoint’


Jimmy Butler is having a good time with his new team. The former Minnesota Timberwolves guard has even said as much, praising how much fun it is to play with the Philadelphia 76ers roster. But the trade saga in Minnesota lasted far too long, and it has likely a irrevocably damaged the view of Butler for many from here on out.

The conversation around Butler has finally shifted to what he can do to plug the gaps that the Sixers have. For now, we can talk about basketball in Philadelphia. That is, until questions about Butler’s contract comes up (or something else crazy happens with Markelle Fultz).

Meanwhile Dwyane Wade, a friend of Butler’s, acknowledged that he felt the situation with the Timberwolves had dragged on. Speaking to the Chicago Tribune, Wade said he’s just glad his friend is in a better position.

Via Chicago Tribune:

“From afar, it was definitely not good from a media standpoint,” Wade said. “A lot of stuff started coming out. It’s never good when you let something like that drag on. I think he wanted everything to get resolved faster than it did. I’m glad that’s in the past and he’s in a good place. He’s a winner. You put him in place and a culture where he can do that, and I’m happy.

“I know Jimmy. I know his heart. I know what kind of competitor he is. But I also know how tough he is. Now you can see Minnesota and their young guys are getting back to their comfort zone.”

That’s a very specific way to put it, a naturally player-friendly position on the part of Wade. Saying the situation was not good from a “media standpoint” sort of feels like Wade saying the important thing was to get Butler to the right situation, and that the optics were unfortunate but ultimately didn’t matter. To be fair, Butler’s strategy did work.

Meanwhile it is true that both teams are starting to move on. The Sixers are 4-2 since the trade, and despite Andrew Wiggins going 0-of-12 the other night, the Timberwolves are winning more games.