Kevin Durant calls Warriors ‘rejuvenated’ after Draymond Green dust settles


Will everything be okay with the Golden State Warriors?

That is the question that many have been asking themselves after the dust-up between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green last week. The two stars seemed icy to each other after a disagreement on the floor against the Los Angeles Clippers, and it took some time for the two to make up.

It appears that they’re now getting along enough to play NBA games again, although Golden State isn’t exactly looking terrific these days. The team is in the midst of a four-game losing streak, including a 28-point loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night.

Nevertheless, Durant told reporters this week that the team feels rejuvenated.

Via Twitter:

Is this like when you first break up with someone, or when you quit a job you hate, where it feels incredible for the first three hours or so before the reality of the situation sets in? Or is was this a true healing moment for the Warriors? From the outside, it certainly feels like the former.

Golden State is still without Stephen Curry, so they aren’t operating at full power just yet. But both Green and Grant are on the floor together.

That’s a start, and June is a long way away.