Was Spurs’ LaMarcus Aldridge fouled on potential game-winning shot?

Associated Press
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Memphis certainly got the benefit of the doubt on two questionable calls in the final second of the Grizzlies 104-103 victory in San Antonio.

First, Rudy Gay was called for a foul on Marc Gasol‘s attempted game-winner — there certainly was body contact as Gay closed out that threw Gasol off balance. Late in games that call is not always made, however, the officiating crew had called this game tight all night so it was not out of character. Gasol drained both free throws, which proved to be the game winners.

Then, with 0.7 seconds left, the Spurs inbounded to LaMarcus Aldridge for a catch-and-shoot three close to straight away and Gasol makes body contact (and maybe some arm contact but he did get ball) with Aldridge but there is no call. While Memphis could try to argue the contact was after the release and didn’t impact the shot (Aldridge isn’t leaving that shot five feet short naturally) Aldridge did not have a place to land on his jumper, which is certainly a foul.

Watch for yourself.

After the game, Aldridge decided to take the high road and not get fined, saying to reporters “don’t put me in that position” (in terms of saying something about the officiating that would cost him $25,000). Not everyone felt the same way.

We’ll see what the league’s Last Two Minute Report says on this. Not that it matters. The report does not change anything, and Memphis gets the win.