Kevin Durant reacts to finding out he got fined $25,000 for cussing at fan

Getty Images

Kevin Durant knew this was coming. He told a heckler courside to “shut the f*** up” and watch the game, it was caught on video, and the league frowns on its players cussing out fans (but guys only get fined if it gets caught on video). Durant was fined the standard $25,000 for that.

Durant was sitting down with Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports when the news of the fine broke, check out KD’s reaction:

“Grown men can’t come to the game and heckle grown men. That’s corny. That’s weak… You come to the game to heckle another grown man — ‘you soft, you weak. Draymond this, Draymond that’ — you’re gonna sleep as a grown man doing that to another person?”

Because people love to be critics and armchair psychologists with Durant more than any other player (with the possible exception of Markelle Fultz) some are going to read those comments and say he’s “too sensitive” or some other such crap. So, he’s just supposed to take your heckling crap? Why can’t he fire back? And if he does you’re going to act shocked and post it on social media about how offended you are? Please.

I would have preferred the NBA not fine Durant and instead say “if you sit near the court and heckle or harass a player, then you opened the door and they have every right to come back at you verbally however they wish.” As my father liked to say, don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. Of course the NBA doesn’t see it that way, or think fans goading players into a reaction as they film it as a thing, but it kinda is. KD complained to the officials about the hecklers, nothing was done, so to me he has the right to respond.

Of course, the better response would have been knocking down a couple late shots and beating the Mavs, but that didn’t happen either.