Watch Zach LaVine throw down 360, dunk off missed free throw


Zach LaVine can dunk. We know this.

The Chicago Bulls guard is a two-time NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion, and has some serious hops even after his ACL injury.

On Saturday night against the Cleveland Cavaliers, LaVine gave us an in-game dunk that not many would be able to pull off: the 360.

Via Twitter:

LaVine finish the game with 25 points, eight rebounds, five assists, and two steals. He also couldn’t be helped from dunking on just about everyone during the rest of a game.

At one point, LaVine had a putback dunk on a free throw, Michael Jordan style.

Via Twitter:

Is LaVine worth the massive contract that the Bulls signed him to a couple of years ago?

Who cares? Look at him dunk!