Welcome back: Jazz fans rain down boos on Gordon Hayward


It’s been 16 months since the breakup, and the Jazz fans have already found their new love in Donovan Mitchell.

But when their ex Gordon Hayward returned to Utah for the first time since leaving them as a free agent for Boston in the summer of 2016, Jazz fans still had plenty of bitterness in their hearts. And they let Hayward hear it.

Remember that Hayward did not play in Utah, or anywhere else, his first season as a Celtic because of a severely fractured leg.

Hayward did not do anything wrong when he left, he played out his contract and made the decision he thought would be better for him and his family. That’s the cold business side of the sport.

That’s also not how fans see it — nor should they. Basketball and basketball fandom is about passion, filled with love and hate. Hayward spurned Utah for Boston, Jazz fans had every right to feel pissed off about that.

But their new love is working out really well.