Watch Celtics’ Marcus Morris drain three to force overtime vs. Suns


Marcus Morris used to play in Phoenix. In fact, before his new team, the Boston Celtics, took on the Suns Thursday Morris talked about how much he enjoyed living in the city and missed parts of it (the weather in February likely at the top of that list).

Morris was also a little bitter at the franchise for splitting up he and his brother Markieff Morris (after the pair had worked out a unique, below-market deal to stay together on the same team on Phoenix).

So when he drained a three that capped a 22-point comeback — 14 of those points in the final 3:45 — it had to feel good.

After the game, Suns coach Igor Kokoskov was understandably pissed. He said he told the Suns to foul on that final play, force the Celtics to shoot two free throws, and don’t let them get a three off. The Suns had a chance to foul when Morris first had the ball 35 feet out with his back to the basket. Then they had a chance when Morris first handed off to Kyrie Irving. And nothing. Then the Suns’ defenders all went to Irving, nobody rotated over to Morris at the arc, and… that’s how you blow a three-point lead in the final seconds.

Kyrie Irving took over in OT scoring the first six points and the Celtics got the win, 116-109. Kyrie Irving had 39.

And Kokoskov probably could use some ulcer medication.