Hassan Whiteside narrowly misses triple-double with blocks in 29-point, 20-rebound gem


Hassan Whiteside‘s stat line was insane!

He dished two assists in the Heat’s 95-98 win over the Spurs tonight. That tripled his season total.

Oh, and he posted 29 points, 20 rebounds and nine blocks. Nobody had hit those marks in a game since Akeem Olajuwon in 1989, before he changed his name to Hakeem.

Whiteside is good at what he’s good at. He takes too much flak for his deficiencies, including passing (though that won’t stop an occasional joke about his lack of playmaking, as you can see above). There are still many ways he positively affects games. Facing a San Antonio team that allowed him to play like an old-school center more often than usual, Whiteside took advantage. It won’t look this way every night, but this is a good reminder of what Whiteside can bring.