Vince Carter is still dunking on dudes in the post

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Atlanta Hawks guard Vince Carter will turn 42 years old in January. He shouldn’t reasonably be able to play basketball at a high level anymore. He certainly shouldn’t be able to dunk off of a spin move to the baseline like we saw on Tuesday night.

But that’s exactly what he did.

The play came late in the first quarter as the Hawks and the Charlotte Hornets squared off in the North Carolina. Carter was being guarded by Jeremy Lamb, who was in tight with a forearm to the veteran’s back. Carter used that feeling to give Lamb the quick turnaround toward the left baseline for the one-handed dunk.

Via Twitter:

Was that even the best dunk of the night from this game? Miles Bridges had one that brought down the house over Dewayne Dedmon Just a couple of minutes later.

Hard to say, but either way I’ll take Old Man Carter dunks any time of the year.