Miami Heat release new ‘Vice’ jerseys, court


The Miami Heat have been on a bit of a tear with their alternate jerseys the past couple of years, and this season it appears the “Vice” editions in South Beach will not be a letdown.

The team released its latest editions on Monday, and Tuesday saw Miami’s new court come with it.

Both are, frankly, incredible.

Via Miami Heat:

This of course follows the color scheme of the popular television show Miami Vice, which in turn took its color scheme from the art deco stylings of the city of Miami itself.

Unfortunately, that information was lost on LeBron James, who felt the Heat had taken ideas for their jerseys directly from his old shoes and son’s basketball team.

Bron, you’re a great marketer, but as my buddy Kirk put it, you didn’t come up with the ‘80s. They were there well before you.

The Heat are going to look fresh this season.