Report: Cavaliers, Larry Drew reach agreement for him to take on head coaching job

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Larry Drew was a highly-paid assistant coach behind Tyronn Lue, making close to $1 million a season. Part of the unwritten rule of a contract like that is if the head coach is fired you step in as the head man, with a little bump in salary.

However, when the Cavaliers fired Lue, Drew looked at the situation — unhappy veterans wanting a trade, young stars who don’t yet know how to play, and a lot of losses about to pile up on his resume — and wisely said he wanted some job security. He was doing the job temporarily but didn’t want to take on a no-win situation (in many senses of the phrase) and not have an extra year and some extra money on his deal. That led to a standoff with an organization already waist deep (at least) in uncertainty.

Drew finally got enough of a concession for him to take on the job, with Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN breaking the news.

The assistant coaches on the roster did not get any additional security (that is not unusual).

Drew is well liked and respected by the players, this is a smart move which brings some level of stability to an organization that has had precious little of it since July 1. Drew is going to have to play the youth a lot and live with the ugly results, but that’s where the Cavaliers should be right now. This is a rebuilding team, management should not delude itself otherwise.