Nets’ Jared Dudley calls out Cavaliers veterans for Collin Sexton comments

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Cavaliers veterans have criticized rookie teammate Collin Sexton enough that it filtered into a recent report.

Nets forward Dudley:

Veteran mentorship is such an overplayed concept. Veterans want to help young players take their job? Yeah, right.

In the right circumstances – a veteran with the right temperament and job security – it happens. But it’s far more limited than most people realize.

Maybe the Cleveland veterans are being too hard on Sexton. Or maybe they tried to handle their issues behind the scenes and a public kick in the pants to come back down to Earth is what he needs.

I don’t see the Cavs veterans as necessarily wrong, though there are plenty of people with old-school sensibilities who didn’t like it. But those same people are also generally the type to criticize Dudley for speaking about another team.