Nets fans chant ‘Jayson Tatum!’ at Markelle Fultz, which… (video)


Celtics rising star Jayson Tatum haunts half the rest of the Atlantic Division.

In the doomed-for-the-Nets Kevin Garnett-Paul Pierce trade, Brooklyn dealt the pick Boston used to get Tatum. That pick landed No. 1 in last year’s draft, and the Celtics traded down with the 76ers to No. 3, drafting Tatum there. Philadelphia picked Markelle Fultz, who has struggled so far.

Nobody comes out well in this outside Boston.

But with the 76ers visiting the Nets yesterday, Brooklyn fans tried to remind Fultz of his unflattering connection to Tatum – as if they don’t have their own unflattering connection to Tatum!

They could be heard clearly on television, though that doesn’t mean the chant was widespread. It could have been just a couple fans near a microphone.

Still, what a brutal self-own.