J.R. Smith endorses Trae Young, who isn’t Collin Sexton and doesn’t play for Cavaliers, for Rookie of the Year

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Cavaliers veterans reportedly aren’t impressed with rookie teammate Collin Sexton‘s grasp of NBA basketball.

Cleveland offered J.R. Smith a chance to leave the team, clearly holding some concern about his influence while out of the rotation.

Combine those stories, and…


The Mavericks’ Luka Doncic and Suns’ Deandre Ayton are frontrunners for Rookie of the Year. Young also has a chance.

But Sexton – though much further behind – is still plausibly in the race.

Was Smith just giving his honest opinion on the race? I’m fine with that, though I also don’t share a locker room with him.

Was Smith trying to motivate Sexton? This could be a well-intentioned – and maybe eventually effective – tweet as it pertains to Sexton.

Or was Smith just unthoughtful or, even worse, malicious about how this would affect his teammate? There’s obviously a difference in each of those scenarios, and a whole spectrum between them. But it’d all fit under a not-ideal label.

This isn’t anything worth fretting about unless the Sexton or Cavs management views this tweet as part of a larger pattern. Which maybe.