Watch Al-Farouq Aminu block LeBron James with force (VIDEO)


LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers may have gotten the last laugh Saturday night in Portland, but Al-Farouq Aminu was no jester as he took on The King in Portland.

LeBron was aggressive going at Aminu all night, and the Trail Blazers forward responded in kind, playing tough defense against the determined superstar.

The most impressive sequence of the night was when James found himself down low and trying to bully Aminu on the left block. James went up for a shot from short-range, which Aminu promptly slapped away with force.

Via Twitter:

It’s not often that you see LeBron get blocked, much less with a whole-handed one like the one Aminu laid down.

The Lakers broke their 16-game losing streak against the Blazers, 114-110, but Aminu’s rejection will be something Portlanders talk about each time these two teams meet from here on out.