Watch Carmelo Anthony drop 28, but Chris Paul took charge to get desperate Rockets a win

Associated Press

This was the Carmelo Anthony the Rockets need.

Against Brooklyn on Friday night, Anthony knocked down his catch-and-shoots, was strong when posting up after a switch, played well on the pick-and-roll, and finished with 28 points on 9-of-12 shooting, sparking the Houston offense. This is what Houston brought in Anthony to do.

‘Melo, however, was not the main reason Houston came from 14 points down to beat the Nets with James Harden still sidelined (hamstring).

That is Chris Paul. Again his 32 points mattered, but it was more what he did when the team was down 14 — he kicked the coaches out of a timeout huddle for a brief players-only meeting.

“We just said, you all stay out for a second. Let us talk,” Chris Paul said after the game (via AP). “At some point, enough is enough.”

Paul was more aggressive going after his shot in this game, he hunted it and controlled the game, and scoring 32 himself.

The Rockets are 2-5 now, but they are finally getting healthy. James Ennis returned from his hamstring issue on Friday night, and Harden is expected back on Saturday. The Rockets starters have played just two games together. Before anyone freaks out about the team being outscored by 7.2 points per 100 possessions so far, let’s see what they look like over 10 games when healthy.