Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor: Tom Thibodeau wasn’t ready for Jimmy Butler’s trade request

AP Photo/Jim Mone

Many leaks around Jimmy Butler‘s trade request – whether from Butler or opposing teams – seemed to have the same agenda: Convince Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor to step in and trade Butler more quickly and for less return than president-coach Tom Thibodeau would.

Obviously, Minnesota hasn’t traded Butler yet. And it sounds as if Taylor is holding firm.

Taylor, via 1500 ESPN:

We’re not going to get the perfect deal. I know that. But I’ve got to be out there trying to get the very best deal that I can. And part of that, I guess, is patience on myself.

What is sort of happening is that the timetable for this is just a very poor one. The other teams, and including ourselves, were just putting our teams together. So, they were ready to go with that. Most of them don’t want to be disrupted this early into the season until they’ve sort of established their own track records.

Some of that is starting to pull out now. We’ve had some teams that have lost some games that they didn’t expect. It’s still pretty early. But I think those are probably going to be the teams that will have the best opportunity to make a trade, because they won’t be satisfied with their record and where they’re going.

So, it’s a tough one. But I have to be patient, and I hope our fans will be patient with me.

I just think that when he told the coach that he wanted to leave, I think it caught the coach off by surprise. He wasn’t ready for it. So, of course, I think his plan was Jimmy would be here. I think he would want him here.

But there are just times, even if he wants it, if Jimmy isn’t going to want to be here, I don’t see how we’re going to be the team that we need to be.

Butler said he told Thibodeau four days after last season he wanted to leave Minnesota and made clear his trade request in August. So if Thibodeau weren’t ready for last month’s new, maybe that was on Thibodeau.

But at least Thibodeau has his boss’ backing – both with his job and handling of this saga.

Taylor has endured Timberwolves fans booing Thibodeau and Butler. Taylor has seen reports Butler held out for a game. Many expected Taylor to buckle by now.

That he hasn’t gives Minnesota leverage.