Steve Kerr on DeMarcus Cousins: ‘We’re not going to have the money to sign him next year’


Will DeMarcus Cousins be a member of the Golden State Warriors next season? Not according to Warriors head coach Steve Kerr.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Kerr acknowledged that Cousins’ one-year deal with the team was explicitly signed as a means to help the veteran big man find success in the postseason. Kerr also said that Golden State will not have the money to sign Cousins next year.

Via Twitter:

At least Kerr is being open about it.

Golden State is about to enter a serious cap space crunch. Kevin Durant can opt out of his current contract this summer, and Klay Thompson‘s current deal expires at the same time. Draymond Green‘s deal will expire at the end of next season, so there is lots to think about in the Bay Area before considering whether Cousins could be part of that mix.

Nobody really thought that he would stick around, and this is just another vote of confidence that Boogie will need to find a new team next year.