Chicago Bulls release ‘City’ jersey based on municipal flag


With the NBA season underway, it’s time for teams to do what they do: make money.

Part of that is releasing new jerseys just in time for the holiday season so fans can purchase the latest gear and have it waiting under the tree come Christmas morning.

As such, it doesn’t really matter to teams whether or not designs for these new jerseys are universally accepted. The alternates almost never stick around for more than a season or two, and so many fans are obsessed with having the latest thing that it doesn’t matter if some designs miss the mark.

Anyway, I guess that’s my way of telling you that these Chicago Bulls jerseys are not that great.

Via Twitter:

I’m sure people in Chicago like this jersey just fine. It’s based off of the city’s flag, and as such many will have a local fire burning inside them that will compel them to purchase this particular uniform.

It’s brilliant marketing, to be perfectly honest. Out here in Portland it has been floated that the Trail Blazers produce a jersey similarly-based on their own flag. I can tell you right now as a resident of the city that it would immediately become the most popular jersey for fans in Oregon.

From a distance, Chicago’s jersey doesn’t look like it’s actually related to the Bulls themselves. I suppose that doesn’t matter.

I still think the Timberwolves one is better. Heck, even the old Bulls city flag jersey was better.