Alvin Gentry pissed by mischaracterization of postgame talk with DeMarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis

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You might have seen a video of DeMarcus Cousins having what looks like might be a heated conversation with Anthony Davis and Alvin Gentry after Cousins’ Warriors beat the Pelicans, Cousins’ former team, Wednesday.

You probably didn’t see the above version.

That shows Cousins warmly embracing the New Orleans star and coach before the talk and Gentry laughing afterward. If that weren’t enough context, Gentry provided more.

Sean Highkin:

Yes, Davis called Cousins the “enemy” for leaving the Pelicans for Golden State. But that was in a everyone-not-on-New-Orleans-is-the-enemy sense. There’s clearly a bond between those two.

Now, there’s even more reason to see one between Cousins and Gentry, too.

Cousins appearing sassy – without hearing what anyone is saying – shouldn’t have been taken so seriously. It was all in good fun.