NBA players applaud Derrick Rose’s 50-point game, comeback story on social media

Associated Press

NBA players know and appreciate hard work.

Yes, you have to win the genetic lottery to a degree to make the NBA, but that alone is not enough. It takes more hard work than most people realize — a lot of lonely hours in the gym working on technique and footwork, a lot of hours in the weight room working on their bodies — to make it to the top 450 players in the world. It’s even harder to stay there, thousands of players around the world want to replace them. NBA players feel a fraternity with each other because they understand the hours, the sacrifice, the grind of it all.

Which is why they love the Derrick Rose story. He had an ACL and two meniscus surgeries on his knee, but the former MVP had gotten paid, had the big shoe deal, and could have walked away from the game set for life. But he didn’t. He got back in the gym, worked as hard as anyone, all because he wanted to keep playing.

So when he dropped 50 on the Utah Jazz, other NBA players were pumped for him.