Patrick Beverley crashes into Russell Westbrook’s knees. Again. Westbrook was hot.

Associated Press

In the 2013 playoffs, Patrick Beverley (then with Houston) went for a steal, took out Russell Westbrook‘s knee, which led to a meniscus tear and a couple of surgeries for Westbrook, which sidelined him beyond just those playoffs. That knee is still an issue, Westbrook had “clean up” surgery on it before this season.”

Which is why what happened Tuesday night felt like Deja’ Vu.

How heated did it get this time?

Westbrook was given a technical, Beverley got a Flagrant 1 for the play. Doc Rivers may not have liked it, but if anything that was soft on Beverley, what he did was a reckless play that could have led to a serious injury. He may have been going for a loose ball, but body control matters.

Beverley and Westbrook were still chirping after the game.

Circle your calendars for Dec. 15, that’s when these teams meet again.