Steve Kerr said he didn’t even know about Klay Thompson chasing 3-point record at first


Klay Thompson was flat-out on fire. After a 5-of-36 slump from three through the Warriors first seven games, Thompson erupted against the Bulls on Monday night. He set an NBA record dropping 14 threes on the Bulls, 10 in the first half when the Warriors scored a ridiculous 92 points as a team.

Kerr said he didn’t know about the record until Thompson was within a couple of it. And then the entire thing was awkward. First, from ESPN:

“I didn’t even realize what was happening, record-wise, until they called a timeout,” Kerr said. “He had made a couple in the second half, and I heard Klay say, ‘Two more! Two more!’ And that’s when I realized — and I didn’t even know who had the record, and so I asked Steph, I go, ‘Do you have the record?’ He goes, ‘Yeah.’ At that point, the guys were just feeding him every time. I think that’s how much they care about Klay and felt for him because he’s had a rough start to the season, and obviously, he got it going tonight, to say the least.”

Kerr was then faced with the question of how long to play his starters, and how to not overly run up the score while still encouraging his players to go all out. Via Drew Shiller of NBC Sports Bay Area.

“It wasn’t a fair fight,” Steve Kerr told reporters after the game. “The Bulls are in a rebuilding mode, but so many of their key guys are out. … I was proud of our guys for not letting down.

“I think the most disrespectful thing you can do is not play hard. Our guys played hard, and I was very proud of that effort. But yeah, we were playing so well and playing so fast and scoring … at the end of the half, you’re kind of in a weird frame of mind as a coach….

“When Klay was searching for the record, it was uncomfortable for us as a staff,” Kerr told the media. “But at the same time, we’re not gonna tell him don’t go for an NBA record. So I’m glad he got it. He earned it.”

I get what Kerr is saying, but isn’t U-6 soccer where everybody gets orange slices and a participation trophy, this is the highest level of the sport — if you don’t want to get lit up by Thompson, stop him. Easier said than done, for sure, but still there is no reason to just let up.

This will not be the last time Kerr faces this situation this season. Thompson’s 14 threes broke Stephen Curry‘s record of 13, you seriously think Curry isn’t plotting to take that record back?