Lakers star LeBron James: ‘You probably don’t want to be around when my patience runs out’


LeBron James left the court immediately as the buzzer sounded last night on the Lakers’ loss to the Timberwolves, which dropped Los Angeles to 2-5.

In his postgame press conference, LeBron was asked: What does it look like when your patience runs out?


You probably don’t want to be around when my patience runs out. I’m serious.

LeBron has insisted he’ll be patient with these Lakers, that he doesn’t feel urgency to win before his prime ends. He signed a four-year contract, and that buys the Lakers time to lure a co-star. In the meantime, LeBron says he’s fine with this team, which we can all see is flawed.

But this level of losing must be a shock to the system of someone accustomed to annual trips to the NBA Finals, especially someone as competitive as LeBron. It’s one thing to know patience is the right course. It’s another to live daily through losing.

We saw what it looked like when LeBron’s patience ran out with the Cavaliers. Nothing in Los Angeles has approached that.