Joakim Noah ‘staying ready and focused’ if NBA team calls

Getty Images

Joakim Noah still believes he can help an NBA team.

NBA teams don’t have that same belief — since he was waived by the New York Knicks before the season started the former Defensive Player of the Year has not gotten his shot. Noah was at the Bulls/Warriors game Monday night — he got to see the Klay Thompson avalanche of threes — and told Madeline Kenney of the Chicago Sun-Times he’s trying to stay ready.

“I’m staying ready and focused,” said Noah, who’s working out “a couple of times” a day. “[Just] waiting if something good comes along.”

I’m not sure if that call is coming.

Noah has struggled to stay healthy and played in just 53 games over two seasons with the Knicks. The bigger issue is when he has gotten on the court he has looked like a shell of the former self, slow of foot and slow to recognize coverages. Maybe midseason a team takes a flier on Noah, but teams taking a flier on a big usually prefer a younger player they might develop into a long-term player for them.

Noah had an amazing NBA career. It’s just over.