Report: Wizards not considering firing Scott Brooks

Will Newton/Getty Images
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The Wizards are in rough shape, and they’re not hiding their problems with each other. Washington is 1-5, including a 32-point loss to the Clippers yesterday.

Usually, when a team falls into this level of misery, the coach comes on the hot seat.

Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports:

Scott Brooks continues to have the full support of the franchise, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Why don’t Wizards president Ernie Grunfeld or owner Ted Leonsis say that on the record if they feel that way? This isn’t usually the type of statement that needs to be leaked. But this gives Grunfeld and Leonsis plausible deniability to fire Brooks later without looking like hypocrites if the team doesn’t get back on track.

Maybe the biggest issue: Brooks is just two-plus seasons into a five-year, $35 million contract. Not every owner is willing to spend big to dump a coach.

Brooks is an OK coach, and the Wizards shouldn’t overreact to a slow start. Most of their games have been on the road, and their home losses were close games against the Raptors and Heat. Dwight Howard has been injured.

But in the John WallBradley Beal era, Washington frequently runs into these types of problems. It might not be fair to Brooks, but if the issues continue, a coaching shakeup might be the best course.