Reports: Larry Drew hesitant to take on Cavaliers’ “interim coach” title without longer deal

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Tyronn Lue is out in Cleveland, the scapegoat for an organization trying to walk an impossibly-fine line of rebuilding while winning (with a roster that really does neither well). While the Cavaliers were not playing well, when you remove the best player of a generation and the guy who set the culture for the organization, what was there to expect?

The Cavaliers want Larry Drew — an assistant on Lue’s staff and former NBA head coach — to take the job on an interim basis. Drew, however, is savvy enough to know better than to just say yes.

That’s smart by Drew.

Whoever takes that job will be stuck in the same morass as Lue. The Cavaliers want to think of themselves as a rebuilding team, but they have just four players under 25 on the roster (and only two of those are likely part of the long-term in Cleveland). The veterans are going to be on the trade block, and guys like Kevin Love are good when healthy but his time will be limited. It’s not a no-win situation, but no coach is going to pad his stats taking over this roster mid-season.

Drew, wisely, wants to be compensated for this. We’ll see if that happens, or if the Cavs go get someone else.