Before Warriors take on Nets, Steve Kerr talks gun control in wake of synagogue shooting

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Warriors coach Steve Kerr is not afraid to speak out on social issues — military displays at gamesColin Kaepernick, and much more. He understands the megaphone he has as the Warriors’ coach and he wants to use it wisely, but he will not back away from controversial topics.

Such as gun control.

Before the Warriors game against the Nets Sunday, Kerr was asked about the tragic, anti-semitic motivated shooting at a synagogue in Philadelphia that left 11 dead. Kerr spoke his mind, via Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports and NBC Sports Boston.

“We’re broken right now. So nothing surprises me anymore. Not the shootings at schools, churches, synagogues, malls, movie theaters. We need our leaders to step up and unite the country with the appropriate words and the appropriate actions. And we’re not getting that right now. It’s frustrating. I don’t know what else to say….

“I think you have to feel comfortable talking about whatever issue you’re addressing. Not everybody feels comfortable. Certain situations, circumstances, I think more and more you are seeing people in the sports world, athletes and coaches, speaking out because the times call for it. It’s easy to feel how broken we are right now. Everyone can have influence. Not just our political leaders. People who are either well known figures who have a camera in their face a lot or average citizens just being kind to each other, being nice to one another. Not spewing hatred on social media. Those are all things we have to think about and try to accomplish and get our country back on track.”

“And we need to vote. I want to urge everyone to get out and vote November 6th. Everyone has their own issue that is important to them. My personal issue is gun safety. Nobody in this country should have a semiautomatic weapon of war. So I’m going to vote for every candidate that is willing to stand up to the NRA and say you know what, this is insane. We’re murdering each other every day. We have to get rid of bump stocks, we have to get rid of high capacity magazines, we have to get rid of semiautomatic weapons. We just do. Other countries don’t go through this. That is the issue most important to me, those are the candidates I will be voting for. The ones who are willing to stand up and say you know what, this is wrong.”

Kerr will get some pushback for this — but not from the Warriors or his players. That is to say, not any constituency that will stop him from speaking out in the future. The people who do complain, Kerr will just shrug off.

Besides, what he said is “go vote your issues.” If you have a problem with that concept, you care more about winning than America and democracy. Which is another of the problems this nation is facing.