Bradley Beal, John Wall on Wizards: “We suck right now,” “Everybody on their own agenda”


The Washington Wizards have never been as good as they thought they were. Or as good as they thought they should be.

This season the Wizards thought they could be a 50-win team hosting a first-round playoff game. Instead, they are 1-4 with a mediocre offense and a bottom 10 defense. The Wizards every year have a reckoning about how they don’t live up to their potential, this season it came early. Five games in.

After a 116-112 loss to Sacramento, John Wall and Bradley Beal were venting.

“We suck right now, that’s just how it is,” Beal said to NBC Sports Washington (you can see the video above). “We’re not doing anything we’re supposed to do on the floor, on offense or defense…

“So we got to figure out — get out [of] that comfort zone. Sometimes we have our own agendas on the floor whether it’s complaining about shots, complaining about playing time, complaining about whatever it may be. We’re worried about the wrong [expletive], and that’s not where our focus needs to be and it’s just going to continue to hurt us.”

John Wall was more direct.

“Everybody on their own agenda. We showed glimpses when we do stuff as a team. We show how good we can be and then we go back to trying to do it individually, and that’s mostly on the defensive end. Not helping each other out, not team rebounding, and that’s what’s killing us…

“We got guys who’s worried about who’s getting shots, where the ball is going on the offensive end. We should never worry about that,” Wall said. “No matter if we’re missing or making shots, we got to be able to compete on the other end and if you can’t do it on both ends of the floor, you don’t need to be playing.”

And all of that without Dwight Howard in the lineup yet.

There are rumors that coach Scott Brooks’ seat could get hot if the Wizards continue to stumble, that he will be the scapegoat for a team that does not work as well on the court as it looks on paper.

Except not living up to expectations was a problem before Brooks arrived. Guys with their own agenda and not sacrificing for the team is a hallmark of the Wizards for years now. At some point, the discussion needs to be about GM Ernie Grunfeld and the roster construction. If the Wizards can’t find a way to turn it around, next July will it be time to think about a major overhaul? If so, with Wall, Beal, and Otto Porter under max contracts, what does a restructuring even look like?