Tyreke Evans to miss Saturday game for being late to practice

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Tyreke Evans has had an impressive start to the season in Indianapolis: 12 points per game, shooting 47.1 percent from three, a PER of 19.7.

Don’t mistake that for everything going smoothly, the team has suspended him for a game.

He was late to practice. That doesn’t fly.

Team cultures are very different, and it can be a difficult adjustment for players. Doc Rivers cancels a shocking number of Clippers’ practices, Quin Snyder loves a good three-hour practice for the Jazz (just ask Gordon Hayward, who was no fan of them).

Evans has spent most of his career in Sacramento, Memphis, and New Orleans — not exactly paragons of discipline. Old-school McMillan, with Larry Bird as his boss, is not bending their ways go some new code.

That said, bet Evans has learned his lesson.