Watch LeBron James join Drake and Travis Scott during concert at Staples Center


LeBron James is a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, and much of the reason The King wanted to join LA was for the added benefit outside of basketball. On Saturday night, we got a taste of what that is for LeBron.

During a concert at Staples Center, James took the stage with none other than Drake and Travis Scott.

James jumped on stage during “Sicko Mode” a Scott song featuring Drake. As you might expect, the crowd at Staples went wild.

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LeKing 👑x Le6God 🦉x LeFlame 🔥= LeGendary

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To his credit LeBron looked absolutely at home up there, especially in that second clip. He didn’t even have a microphone and he was still spacing the stage well with Drake and Scott, and knew when to interact with them and when to break it off.

Should LeBron start rapping? We already know he did a song with Kevin Durant that we haven’t heard in its entirety. In any case, he’s going to have his fingers in many pies from here on out.

I’m not personally excited to see “Space Jam 2” maybe because “Space Jam” was so overrated in the first place, but what LeBron can do moving forward is certainly going to be interesting. I thought his character was a little contrived in “Trainwreck” but he’s got genuine talent beyond charm and magnetism.

James already has two TV pilots in the works at NBC, and no doubt his properties will continue to grow the longer he is stationed in Los Angeles.