Lakers’ Michael Beasley ejected after jawing with Draymond Green

Associated Press

This seemed like a quick trigger.

The Lakers’ Michael Beasley was ejected from a preseason game against the Warriors Friday night after a disagreement with Draymond Green. Beasley had been trying to back down Green in the paint when Damian Jones reached in and fouled Beasley. At that point, Beasley turned and got in the face of Green and picked up a quick technical as referees and teammates separated them.

After that Green and Beasley were walking side by side and continuing their “conversation” and while nothing physical was happening the refs stepped in to get between them. At that point one official gave Beasley a second technical, apparently for something he said.

If the officials want to give a tech for the first part of this nobody will have a problem with that. While we don’t know what was said in the second part, this seems like a very quick trigger.

Bottom line, if Draymond Green is this calm, maybe the situation doesn’t really warrant an ejection.